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Profiling Solutions

behaivioral profilingBehavioral Profiling, Non-verbal Communication and Body Language

As an expert in Profiling, Non-verbal Communication and Body Language,  Arthur Mencher, LMHC and the experienced professionals at Profiling Solutions can help Individuals, Businesses and Governmental entities in performing various tasks that are necessary for success and safety. Understanding the predictability of human behavior is a vital part of today’s international climate. Please look for seminars and on-line learning modules in the following areas…

For Individuals and Business…

People give off very specific clues as to their intentions. Behavior, Body Language, Eye Movement, and Microexpressions give clues to how people will conduct themselves in specific situations. Learn how to use the tools that will assest in accessing career choices, the hiring of employees and the development of strategies for sales people and negotiators.

For Governments and Businesses where Security is a concern…

Whether you are providing Aviation Security, or protecting geographical targets from potential risks. Having employees that are trained in scientific evidence based methods that can detect irregular or irrational behavior will save both lives, property and significantly reduce the chances of a catastrophic event.

Profiling Solutions will provide your staff with the tools they will need to identify potential threats and take a proactive stance.  These tools can include understanding and interpreting Microexpressions, Body Language and all other forms of Non-verbal communication.  Training is provided by experts who have been working with government employees, law enforcement personnel and private security forces for decades.

Arthur Mencher, LMHC is dedicated to the understanding and training
necessary for living in todays tumultuous world.